How might we elevate the bean-bag..? Fast!

Year: 2019
Solo Project
Skills: CAD, CAM, design for efficiency, textiles, fashion collaboration.
Special Thanks: Kyongeun Back & You Mi Choi, for assisting with textile work.
#furniture #rapid manufacture #evolution

In elevating the beanbag for a modern user, I focused on comfort, novelty and elegance in use and manufacture.
My solution was a repurposed PVC beanbag with a retrofittable polycarbonate shell inserted on top. The butterfly construction o this shell meant that it could be manufactured in under five minutes, including CNC cutting and assembly of two steel bolts by the user.
Not only did the addition of this shell increase comfort significantly, but the new CMF combination has since garnered interest from other designers and manufacturers.
I am currently pursuing making a production version of this chair.
b a c k t o t o p